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Information for Independent Financial Advisors on transferring out from Lothian Pension Fund.


Download a copy of the IFA guide here.

Scheme guide for members  - please note that the changes in the 2018 Regulations are not incorporated in these as further amendments are required. You can view the LGPS (Scotland) 2018 Regulations here. 

Lothian Pension Fund is only able to make cash equivalent transfer values payments when we are satisfied that a transfer has met the Pensions Regulators’ Guidance.

Members are only entitled to make one free request for a guaranteed transfer quotation from the LGPS administering authority in any 12 month period and, if they wish to proceed with a transfer, the election to proceed must be made at least 12 months before their Normal Pension Age in the LGPS or, if they are a Pension Credit member, at least 12 months before their Normal Pension Age (NPA is defined by the scheme regulations in force at the time a member leaves the scheme – see about the scheme below).

If a member is already in receipt of a pension from another period of membership with the LGPS in Scotland, section 93 of the Pensions Schemes Act 1993 does not allow a CETV to be paid in respect of another period of membership. In addition, members can only transfer benefits from the LGPS Scotland if they have left the scheme and have not already drawn benefits from LGPS Scotland (either in their current employment or any earlier employment).

The Fund will only send a guaranteed transfer value when we receive a formal application for transfer from another pension scheme, or formal request from you together with details of the receiving scheme. Discharge forms will only be provided with a guaranteed CETV.

To enable you to advise a member, the Fund will firstly send you an illustrative CETV which will not be guaranteed. Your client will be able to provide you with their latest benefit statement and annual allowance information which they can access via our My Pension online service. They will also be able to provide you with projections if they are current members. Members can access this from the home page of our website. The Fund will not provide information about a member without a current written authorisation from the member.

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