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As of 1 February 2019, Lothian Buses Pension Fund is now part of the main Lothian Pension Fund. 

A decision to merge Lothian Buses Pension Fund with the Lothian Pension Fund was made by the Pensions Committee in March 2018 and following completion of a revised admission agreement and shareholders' guarantees, the merger took place on 31 January 2019.  The merger puts in place an employer guarantee and, facilitated by the new employer unitisation accounting system, will see the creation of a bespoke strategy for Lothian Buses within the Lothian Pension Fund.

There will no longer be separate accounts or valuation after this date.  The change will not affect member's benefits.

The Buses pension fund closed to new members in 2008.

QUICK FUND FACTS  at 31 March 2018

Amount paid in pensions

£8.8 million  

Value of the Fund

£508.7 million

Funding Actuarial Valuation 2014


Number of pensioners


Actuarial valuation and funding level

Results of the 2017 valuation show the funding level of 121%.   View the latest Actuarial valuation and funding levels here.