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Scottish Homes

Image of a building in EdinburghLothian Pension Fund took on the management of Scottish Homes Pension Fund in 2005 when Scottish Homes became Communities Scotland - part of the Scottish Government.

The members of the fund are pensioner and deferred members - there are no active members. The Scottish Government acts as guarantor to the Fund.

Investment information
Fund value as at 31 March 

  2017/18    £170,644milion

You can view more on the Scottish Homes investment performance in How we invest

Membership as at 31 March 2017
Current members             0
Deferred members        478
Retired members          919
Dependants                  289
Total membership     1,686

Actuarial valuation and funding level

The Scottish Homes Pension Fund is now closed and has no active members. The most recent valuation at 31 March 2017 showed an increase in funding level from 88.8% to 104.7%. The funding level was 85% in 2005, 85.9% in 2008 and 86.3% in 2011.    You can see the latest Actuarial valuation report here.

Annual report and accounts

View the latest Annual Report and Accouts here.