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Retired Members

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This section is for those receiving a pension from the Lothian Pension Fund.  

Pension Increase - April 

Your pension has Pension Increase applied from the 10 April.  Your April pension payment covers the period from 16 March to 15 April only.  Therefore your April will only be increased for a six day period from 10 April to 15 April.  The full increase is payable from May. 

The level by which your pension is increased each year is determined by the UK Government and is based on the Consumer Price Index at September the previous year. The Consumer Price Index is the Government’s measure of how prices are rising or falling.

In September 2016, the Consumer Price Index was 1% and this is the amount that is expected to be used to increase pensions where the full increase is to be applied.  Her Majesty’s Treasury will only confirm the amount in 2017 therefore we will update the website when confirmation has been received and let you know the amount in your April payslip.


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