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How the Fund works

LPFE and our staff

The day to day running of the Fund is carried out by a team employed by an arms-length company which is owned by the Council (who act as administrating authority.  The company is supervised by a Board of Directors chaired by the Council's Executive Director of Resources.  The Board includes the Heads of Finance and Human Resources of the Council, the Convener of the Pensions Committee, the Fund CEO and a non-executive director.  

The Fund's functions includes investment, pension administration, employer liaison, data quality, customer support, accounting, legal, risk and compliance, communications and general business support. The investment responsibilities include carrying out in-house investment management and the monitoring and selection of external investment managers, as well as external facing collaborative initiatives with other like-minded pension funds.

Our staff

Doug Heron became Chief Executive of the Fund on 1 February 2019. Doug’s background is in finance and he was the Chief Operating Office at Nucleus, an Edinburgh based financial services company.  He previously worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland and Adam and Company before joining Nucleus.

The team includes:


Bruce Miller is Chief Investment Officer for Lothian Pension Fund. The investment team invests pension fund money to grow it so pensions can be paid in the future.

Pensions & Accounting

John Burns is Chief Finance Officer of Lothian Pension Fund. The Pensions and Accounting team includes Esmond Hamilton, Financial Controller, Bruce Howieson, Systems and Payroll manager as well as Carole Thomson and Erin Savage as Pensions Operations and Development managers.

Legal and Risk Manager

Struan Fairbairn is the Chief Risk Officer (Legal, Risk and Compliance) for Lothian Pension Fund and deals with risk, compliance and legal matters. 

You can view our high level structure here