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How the Fund works

Pensions Committee

All pension matters are delegated to the Pensions Committee of the Council, supported by the Audit Sub Committee, and its members act as ‘quasi trustees’. Both Committees held four meetings during the year. The table below shows the current Committee members.

Pensions Committee membership

  • Councillor Alasdair Rankin (Convener)
  • Councillor Maureen Child 
  • Councillor Neil Ross 
  • Councillor Steve Burgess (from 27 June 2019)
  • Councillor Cameron Rose 
  • John Anzani, member representative
  • Richard Lamont, employer representative, Visit Scotland 

You can view the Pensions Committee and Audit Sub Committee reports here:

Attending a Committee meeting 

Pensions Committee meetings are open to the public. You can find information on attending a Committee meeting here where you will also find details of how to request to speak at the meeting.  Lothian Pension Fund does not hold an AGM.

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