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How the Fund works

Trustee training policy


On joining the Pensions Committee or Pension Board, new members must attend an induction training session which provides the details of roles and responsibilities to allow them to participate in decision making or scrutiny of complex pension issues.

Pension Committee
and Pension Board members must complete three days (or 21 hours) of training each year as part of their commitment to good scheme governance. 

Training opportunities include the following:

  • Internal training events.
  • Fund events such as the annual employer seminar and finance briefing.
  • Seminars and conferences offered by industry wide bodies, specifically the LAPFF annual conference, LGC conferences and PLSA conferences.
  • Seminars and training events offered by the Fund's investment managers and advisors.
  • Online training
  • A quarterly Committee and Board e-update providing articles on industry wide news.

Reimbursement of expenses

Councillors are remunerated through local government members' responsibility allowances scheme. Pension Board members can apply for reimbursement of reasonable expenses such as travel costs.

Reporting of training and attendance

A report is presented annually to the Pensions Committee in regards to training. In addition, a ‘Committee and Board e-update’ is circulated quarterly to both Pension committee and Pension board members which includes regular update on training hours, a training schedule for the year ahead and notification of up and coming training opportunities.  

Review arrangements
The Pensions Committee reviews the Committee and Pension Board training annually.  You can view the Pensions Committee papers at The Annual Report and Accounts includes information on the training hours carried out by the Committee and Board in that year. 

Please see the Training and Attendance Policy for more details.