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A deferred members no longer pay into the Scheme but have pension benefits held within Lothian Pension Fund to be paid on retirement.

Please note: changes have been made to the LGPS for members who are paying into the Scheme from 1 June 2018.  These changes currently do not affect members who have left the Scheme and deferred their benefits unless they have other active benefits for another job. 

Deferred pension explained

When can I take my pension

 Annual pension statement

The system must have your email address to send you the registration link.  If we do not hold this, please email  with your national insurance. 

Pension Regulator anti fraud warning on pension liberation or early release

The Pension Regulator has issued a fraud warning about companies singling out current and former pension members and claiming that they can help you cash in your pension early. If you agree to this you could face a tax bill of more than half your pension savings. Read more on pension liberation here.

Tracing a pension

PensionsLink is a register of pension pots allowing savers to view all their pension providers in one place. It helps members find lost, unclaimed and forgotten pension benefits and is a completely free service.  To find out if you have a lost or unclaimed pension benefit with Lothian Pension Fund or any other provider, visit and search your National Insurance number.

If PensionsLink confirms that you do have a benefit with Lothian Pension Fund, leave your contact details with the service and we will be in touch.  Alternatively you can contact us direct using these details. 

Financial advice

Before making a decision on your pension you should take financial advice.

Guidance for Financial Advisors who are seeking information on behalf of a member can be found here. 

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