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We produce a number of publications which can be downloaded from this site.  We also guide to the information we publish which can be assessed in the Publication Scheme section.

Popular documents

Annual Report and Accounts

Actuarial Valuation reports

Pensions Committee reports

Policy and consultation documents

You can view our policy documents, charges, consultation responses and governance in our policy section.

Guides and leaflets

LGPS Scheme guides - Please note, these guides do not include changes made as a result of the 2018 Scheme Regulations.  The guide therefore refers to a retirement age of 60 rather than age 55 which came into force for active members on 1 June 2018.  These guides will be updates as soon as the appropriate associated Regulation changes are made. 

LGPS2015 Scheme Guide - full version

LGPS2015 - Brief Scheme Guide

Guide for members in before April 2015

Councillor scheme guide


Customer Service Standards

Guidance for Financial Advisors who are seeking information on behalf of a member can be found here. 

Press Releases

View our latest press releases