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Harburnhead infrastructure investment update

Published: Thursday, 16 February 2017

Harburnhead wind farm infrastructure investment ahead of schedule

Lothian Pension Fund's renewable infrastructure investments include a wind farm at Harburnhead in West Lothian, one of the geographies for which the Fund is an administering authority.   The construction phase of the wind farm has progressed smoothly with the recent successful completion of testing of all 22 turbines.  This means that the wind farm has become operational ahead of plan and under budget.  The wind farm is already generating electricity and when at full capacity, it will provide 52 Megawatts of power, enough to power the equivalent of 31,000 homes. 

Lothian, in collaboration with its partner Falkirk Council Pension Fund, invested approximately £10m towards a 50% share of the Harburnhead wind farm.  It is expected to deliver returns of at least 3.5% in excess of inflation. Lothian and Falkirk plan to continue to hold this investment once the farm is fully operational, with management support from its partner FIM Services Ltd.  The wind farm will be making contributions of over £3m to the local community over its 25 year life.

Lothian has a long history of investing in the infrastructure sector via its internal investment team.  It has over 10% of its £6billion assets invested in this sector.  The wind farm complements the infrastructure portfolio which, at September 2016, was £592million with over half invested in the UK.  Other UK infrastructure investments include solar and hydro assets in the renewable sector, in addition to regulated utilities and transportation assets.  Further information on Lothian's infrastructure investments.