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Bulletin - December 2019

Employer bulletin headerWelcome to the new look December edition of the Employers Bulletin, your monthly update on everything you need to know and tell your employees about their pensions. We value your feedback, so please get in touch employer.pensions@edinburgh.gov.uk if you’d like to share your thoughts.



 Employer Discretions Policy Statement
 Lothian Pension Fund Website 


 Committee Meeting
 Shared Cost Salary Sacrifice AVC’s 


     Rule of 85 Protection


Employer Discretions Policy Statement
As highlighted in our October bulletin - under Regulation 58 of the Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2018, each employer participating in the scheme is required to formulate a policy concerning the exercise of certain discretions contained within the regulations. We have produced a draft statement which can be found in the Guides and Forms folder of Go Anywhere. If you have not already done so, please submit your policy statement to us no later than 31 January 2020 and make your employees aware of your revised policy. You should keep your policy under review and advise the Fund and your members of any subsequent changes. Please contact Mark if you have any queries.

Lothian Pension Fund Website
Our new website is now live.  There is information for employers and a bespoke members area.  If you currently have links to our website on your own site or electronic documentation, please check these and update as necessary.  The website will remain www.lpf.org.uk so if a previous link is no longer available, it will revert to our homepage where the member will see the site has been refreshed. 

In general, we recommend using short links as these will not break when changes are made. Some of the popular ones are listed below.


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Annual Seminar  

We held our annual seminar on 2 December. Many thanks to those who attended and provided feedback on this event. Apologies again for the time restriction. Among the topics that were discussed were the Fund’s Investment Strategy, the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme consultation, shared cost salary sacrifice AVC’s, the performance of the Fund during 2018/19, the McCloud judgment and the Local Government Pension Scheme 2018 Regulations. The slides from the event can be found on our website and in the Guides and Forms folder on Go Anywhere.

Committee meetings

The Pensions Committee was held on 11 December.  The Committee considered reports on:

  • Pension Fund Cost Benchmarking
  • Contribution Stability Mechanism
  • Investment Principles
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Collaboration

You can view the Committee reports here.

Shared cost salary sacrifice AVCs

Steven Black from AVC WISE provided an overview of shared cost salary sacrifice AVC’s and the benefits for employers at our annual seminar. Steven’s handout is attached and If you would like more information his contact details are:
Steven Black, Business Development Director T: (+44) 01252 784 546, M: (+44) 07718 177233 E: Steven.Black@AVCWise.co.uk W: AVCWise.co.uk Eastgate House, Dogflud Way, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7UD

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lothian Pension Fund

We would like to thank our employers for their support in 2019 and look forward to working with you in 2020. We hope you enjoy a well-earned break over the holiday period. Our offices will be closed 25 and 26 December and 1 and 2 January. Apart from that we are open for business as usual although with a reduced staffing level.


Rule of 85 Protection

The Rule of 85 allowed members to retire from age 60 without any reduction to their pension where their age and length of scheme membership (in whole years) added up to 85. The rule was removed from the scheme regulations with effect from 1 December 2006 however certain protections remain in place for members who joined the scheme prior to this date.
Although benefits accrued after 1 April 2020 will not benefit from the Rule of 85 protection, all protection accrued up to this date will remain in place even if you leave or retire after 31 March 2020.
You can find more information on Rule of 85 Protection on our website.
The My Pension Online facility allows you run your own pension estimates which will take into account any Rule of 85 Protection. You can login or register for the My Pension Online facility here.


Contact details for employers     
Mark Smith: 0131 529 4642
George Kirk: 0131 529 4652
e-mail: employer.pensions@edinburgh.gov.uk

Member related enquiries
Carole Thomson: 0131 529 4662
e-mail: carole.thomson@edinburgh.gov.uk
Yvonne Archibald: 0131 529 4620
e-mail: yvonne.archibald@edinburgh.gov.uk

Contact details for members
Members pension helpline: 0131 529 4638 
e-mail: pensions@edinburgh.gov.uk

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