Our customer care standards

Our standards

We are dedicated to looking after the pension rights of our scheme members and we have set out standards for the services we provide.
We aim to provide the best possible service and when you contact us our staff will:
  • deal with you promptly, efficiently and fairly and in an easy to understand way
  • let you know our service standards
  • get back to you as quickly as possible with information if we can’t answer your query on the spot.
  • treat you with respect.
  • treat you as an individual.

What you can expect from us:

New members

Joining the scheme

  • We will send you confirmation of your membership in the scheme within 20 working days of receiving the information from your employer.

Transferring pension in

  • If you choose to defer your decision on transferring pension in, we will send you one reminder before the deadline for a decision.
  • We will tell you what scheme membership your previous pension would buy within 10 working days of us receiving the information.

Current members

  • We will send you a newsletter to the address provided by your employer. The newsletter will let you know that your annual pension forecast is available online to help you plan for your retirement.
  • We will provide an online facility to allow you to model your retirement benefits at different dates.

If you die while paying into the Scheme

  • We will pay a lump sum death grant within seven working days of getting the necessary documentation.
  • Let anyone who is to receive a dependents’ pensions know the amount due within five working days of receiving the documents that we need.
  • Pension will be paid on the next pay date (currently 15th of month in arrears) after all documentation has been received. 

When you leave the Scheme

  • We will notify members holding more than 3 months, but less than 2 years’ service, of their options at leaving.  As there is a one month and a day lying period, the target is within 10 days of the end of the lying period or after the employer providing full leaving information if later. There is a one month qualifying period before we can process any refunds.
  • We will pay refunds within 7 working days of receipt of your completed declaration and bank details.
  • When you wish to transfer your pension to another provider, we will issue you a guaranteed cash equivalent transfer value(CETV) within 10 days of your request as long as we have all the necessary information.
  • We will pay a CETV within 10 working days of receiving all completed transfer discharge forms.

If you choose to leave your benefits with us until you retire:

  • We will notify you of your options within 10 days of receiving the leaving details you’re your employer.
  • Provide you with an annual newsletter letting you know that your annual pension forecast is available online.  This will show the current value of preserved benefits (as increased in line with inflation).  You can request a paper copy of your forecast if you prefer.
  • Where we do not hold a valid address, we will make every effort to contact you to provide you with an annual newsletter but it is up to you to tell us if you change address.

When you retire

  • We will pay retirement benefits within seven working days of the the Fund receiving your completed retirement declaration form.
  • We will return original birth/marriage/civil partners certificate by recorded delivery.
  • We will make available a pension payslip online. You can request for a pension payslip to be sent to you by opting out and in these circumstances they would be sent twice a year in April and May or where there is a change to your pension over the value of £10.00.

Retired members

  • We will send you a newsletter and annual report summary at least once a year.
  • When we are notified of the death of a pensioner, we will calculate any dependents’ benefits within five working days of receiving the documents that we need.

When you contact us:

by telephone, we will

  • return messages within one working day.
  • deal with your enquiry or complaint on the spot if we can or return your call within one day.
  • tell you what we can do and when.  If we can’t help you immediately, give you a timescale to get back to you.  If we can’t help you, we will try to tell you who can help.

by letters and emails, we will:

  • answer your letters and emails with an initial response within 2 working days of receiving them,
  • if your enquiry is complex, we'll deal with these within the standard for your request and keep you updated if an answer will take longer.
  • make our letters clear and easy to understand.

In person we will:

As of March 2020, we are following Government guidance and our staff are working from home and our office building is closed to visitors.
We will always be helpful to anyone who contacts us on your behalf but may need your authorisation to give information to someone who is helping you. 
You can also find information on complaints process.