Our Policies

Here at LPF we’re passionate about pensions and our values are enduring principles that inform, inspire and instruct day-to-day behaviour. We’re all committed to making sure that everyone can bring the best of themselves to work, serve our members and employers to the best of our ability and take pride in everything we do.    

Our Code of Conduct is how we do business but it’s more than that. It’s why we’re all here, who we are and how we act and think. To ensure we can all deliver the best service, we’re committed to developing our colleagues to create an inclusive and agile team that’s member-focused, flexible and responsive to new ways of working. This means taking a greater focus on digital efficiency, an even better people experience, and looking for new ways of working together across all our functions to create positive outcomes for our members.  

Our policies support our colleagues in bringing the best of themselves to work and our Parent Policy, Flexible Working Policy and Annual Leave Policy contribute to that.  

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