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Join the fund

New employees joining the Scheme

If you are a new members of staff

If you are a new member of staff with a permanent contract or a temporary contract over three months, your employer will either give you a form to complete or automatically put you in the fund.  If you have a contract for less than three months, you should complete a new entrant form and return it to your payroll.

You can join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) if:

  • you work for a local authority or employer who is part of the scheme
  • AND are not eligible to join another public service scheme, like teachers, police or fire fighters

There are two kinds of scheme employers:

  • scheduled bodies where membership is laid down in law and new staff automatically enter the scheme
  • admitted bodies that have chosen to enter the scheme and new staff must be nominated to join the scheme.

What happens next

Your employer will start your contributions (you will see this on your payslip) and tell us you have joined.  We will send you new joiners welcome pack within 8 weeks of your employer starting to take contributions from your pay.