i-Connect and Go Anywhere

This page provides guidance on the use of the i-Connect service where fund employers upload contribution data.

Please read the guides and notes below depending on which method you’re using to complete your return.

Online returns

File upload return

Each employer has a super user who’ll register new members for the service. 

Go Anywhere document sharing portal

Instructions for the  Go Anywhere portal

If you need a login for Go Anywhere or i-Connect, please contact us.

Submitting forms and data

This section contains information for employers on forms and documents to use when contacting Lothian Pension Fund. Please note, employers must use the secure online portal for the submission of any data. It mustn’t be sent by email.

The forms currently available in the forms and guides section on Go Anywhere include:

  • New joiners
  • Scheme leavers
  • Estimate requests
  • Changes of hours
  • Change of address

You’ll need to login to access the Go Anywhere service for the link.