Our Approach

We believe that environmental, social and governance issues can affect the financial performance of companies. We have a responsibility to take these issues seriously and where appropriate, act upon them. We also produce a Statement of Responsible Investment Principles and the Stewardship Report. 

We’ll pursue a policy of constructive engagement with companies on issues which are consistent with our fiduciary responsibilities. Our overriding obligation is to act in the best financial interests of the members of the funds. We’ll collaborate with other like-minded investors to pursue company engagement. The Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Advisory Board produced guidance in a letter to Scottish Pension Funds on fiduciary duty. We also have an introductory guide to Responsible Investment Reporting and the Pensions Committee regularly receives reports at its meetings. Pensions committee papers can be found here, and Pension Sub-committee papers here.  

Case Studies 

Please find below links to samples of engagement undertaken by Federated Hermes EOS:

Alibaba  Pfizer  Colgate-Palmolive Mercedes Benz German automakers case study video Royal bank of Canada Meta Platforms 


  • ESG Collaboration Page

  • The Stewardship Report 2022

  • 2022 Statement of Investment Principles

  • Stewardship Report 2023

  • 2024 Statement of Responsible Investment Principles

  • PRI Transparency report

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