We receive lots of queries about tax codes. Unfortunately, we’re unable to explain why HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has set or amended your tax code.  Pension Increase and when you start receiving your state pension may affect the tax you pay.  You can read more about these in the next section.  

We’re provided with tax codes electronically by HMRC and must apply the tax code advised to us.  

This means we can’t change your tax code. If you think it’s wrong, contact HM Revenue & Customs on 0300 200 3300 or visit and they’ll be able to help. You can also view and query your tax using the HM Revenue & Customs Personal Tax Account online service. Go to personal-tax-account and follow the instructions to register. When you call, you’ll need your National Insurance number and our PAYE reference which is 961 2406394.  The Pension Scheme Tax Reference is 00816815RX. 

Reasons your tax code may change

  • In April and May
  • When you start receiving your State Pension

In April and May

Your gross pension increased in April in line with the Consumer Price Index.  This also means that the amount of tax deducted has also increased.  

When you start receiving your State Pension

One reason your tax code change may change is when you start receiving your State Pension. The State Pension uses any tax-free Personal Allowance you have first and this may previously have been used for your Fund pension. This can mean you have less tax-free allowance being applied to your Fund pension and so pay more tax on it. 

State Pension
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