Voluntary retirement from age 55 

You can choose to retire any time from age 55 onwards and take your benefits. You can find out more in the When can I take my pension section if you are paying into the Scheme or Accessing your benefits if you are a deferred member.

If you are paying into the Scheme at the time of retirement, there are three other types of retirement, and these are covered in this section. 

Ill health 

If you have to leave work due to illness, you may be able to receive your LGPS pension straight away.

Your employer must be satisfied that you are permanently unable to do your job until your Normal Pension Age. They must get an opinion from an independent occupational health physician before they make their decision.  

Ill health benefits can be paid at any age and are not reduced because of early payment. In fact, your benefits could be increased to make up for your early retirement. 

If you are a deferred member who has already left the Scheme, you can find out more about ill health retirement in our deferred members section.

Flexible retirement 

From age 55, if you reduce your hours or move to a less senior position, and your employer agrees, you can take some or all the pension benefits you have built up. 

You can draw your wages from your reduced hours or grade post and continue paying into the LGPS, building up further benefits in the Scheme.

Redundancy and business efficiency 

The LGPS benefits you have built up will be paid immediately without any early retirement reductions if: 

  • you are age 55 or over 
  • you have been a Scheme member for at least two years, and 
  • your employer makes you redundant or you are retired on the grounds of business efficiency.
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