Investment Governance

The Pensions Committee is responsible for setting the Fund’s investment strategy, and it monitors and reviews investment arrangements regularly. The implementation of the investment strategy, including the selection of investment managers, is delegated to officers of Lothian Pension Fund.

The Fund collaborates with Falkirk Council Pension Fund and Fife Council Pension Fund by participating in a Joint Investment Forum (JIF) to support investment decision-making. Meetings of the JIF take place quarterly and are attended by the external investment advisers, LPFI and representatives from each participating fund, and provide a forum for collective discussion and receiving advice. In this way, representatives from each participating fund are supported in making investment decisions which may, where they consider it appropriate, align the three Pension Funds’ investment approach and drive collaboration between them.

More information on how the Fund operates is available in our About Us section which provides details of the Pensions Committee and Pension Board.

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