Transferring pension in  

You can bring previous pension rights from schemes in the Public Sector Transfer Club into the Fund. You must do this within 12 months of joining the fund. Your former scheme will be able to tell you if they are part of the Transfer Club or see the list on the Civil Service Pension Scheme website.

Some of the schemes who participate are:    

  • all other Funds administering the Local  Government Pension Scheme   
  • the Civil Service pension scheme   
  • the NHS pension schemes   
  • the teachers' pension schemes   
  • the Armed Forces pension scheme   
  • the Police and Fire pension schemes      

The Fund doesn’t accept transfers from personal pensions, stakeholder pensions, pension credits from pension sharing orders or schemes not in the Public Sector Transfer Club.   

Transferring out your benefits to a new Scheme 

You can only transfer your benefits to a new scheme if you are no longer paying in.  Find out how to transfer out in the Deferred Members section.

Popular questions

  • Can I transfer in pension from my previous scheme?

    The LGPS can only accept transfers from other public sector schemes (i.e. local councils schemes in Great Britain, the Civil Service, the Health Service, the Teachers' pension scheme, the Police and Fire schemes and Armed Forces schemes etc). We can no longer accept transfers in from personal pension policies, including stakeholder plans, or from non-club schemes.

    If you have pension rights with a Public Sector Scheme, transfer requests require to be made within 12 months of joining the LGPS.

    If you meet the above criteria and wish to apply to transfer a previous pension from a Club Scheme, download and complete a transfer form. The form is also available within your welcome pack which can be found on our My Pension online facility.  

  • Keeping your pension in the Pension Scheme

    If you are entitled to a deferred pension, when you leave the Scheme, your pension is worked out on the amount of membership built up and your pay during your membership. It is then held in the Scheme with Pension Increase added each year in line with the cost of living, until you take payment.  Payment can be made from age 55 but is reduced for early payment.

    You won't be able to keep paying in if you have left the Scheme unless you rejoin in another qualifying employment or if you opted out.

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