Going back to work

If you return to work for an employer covered by the Local Government Pension Scheme, generally your pension will not be affected. 

However, if you retired on grounds of redundancy or interest of efficiency, and you receive pension shown as compensation on your payslip, your pension may be reduced or suspended during the period of re-employment. The compensation awarded also requires to be reviewed at the end of the new employment and may be permanently reduced. A claw back may apply to any Compensation Lump Sum paid to you on retirement. 

Any overpayments due to re-employment, must be repaid. Please contact us using the details shown below if you have any questions. 

Your pension wouldn’t be affected if you take employment with an employer who isn’t in the LGPS. 

If you didn’t receive compensation, you can take a new job with any employer and your pension will not be affected. 

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