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Most Popular Questions

  • Get an estimate

    You can get an estimate using the benefit projector/calculator on My Pension Online to estimate your pension.

    You can see how much pension you may be paid if you use our online service. You can choose any date from age 55 onwards.

    Step 1: Sign in or register for My Pension Online. You will also find a video to show you how to use the calculator.

    Step 2: Go to Pension Benefit and choose Benefit Projectors then Voluntary Retirement from age 55.

    Step 3: Change the date to when you want to receive your pension and amend the pay if necessary. Click calculate.

    Step 4:  Your figures for that date will be shown and along with any reduction that may have been applied for early payment.


    For more information, please refer to the Retirement Process page.

  • What happens if I die?

    The death in retirement has details about what the person who is looking after your affairs should do when you die and what further benefits might be payable from the Scheme. The My Pension Online service also shows survivor pension details.

  • Can I take a lump sum at age 55 without taking the rest of my pension?

    The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a Defined Benefit pension scheme, which guarantees to provide you with an income for life. While other pension schemes such as Defined Contribution schemes offers flexible access to your pension through drawdown allowing members to take 25% of their pension pot tax-free from the age 55, there is no provision in the LGPS to take a lump sum without taking the rest of your benefits.

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