Investment governance

Joint Investment Strategy Panel

Guidance for the Pensions Committee on investment strategy is provided by a Joint Investment Strategy Panel (JISP), working in collaboration with the Falkirk Council Pension Fund and Fife Council Pension Fund. The JISP, which includes external independent advisers (currently Scott Jamieson, Kirstie MacGillivray and Stan Pearson), meets quarterly with senior fund officers from the three funds.

The Pensions Committee of each pension fund agree their own investment strategy, but delegate the implementation of strategy, including selection of investment managers, to officers. The JISP advise the pension fund administering authorities on implementation of investment strategy.

The assets of Lothian Pension Fund, Falkirk Council Pension Fund and Fife Council Pension Fund are administered seperately.

More information on how we operate is available in our About us section which provides details of our Pensions Committee and Pension Board.