Taking your benefits

You can request payment of your deferred pension benefits through My Pension Online. You can watch a video showing the process of getting an online estimate then requesting payment for those who are approaching age 55 or over. 

You can also transfer your benefits to another pension arrangement. Deciding to transfer your benefits is an important decision. You may wish to take independent financial advice before making this decision, and in some cases may be required to do so before your LGPS benefits can be transferred.

When can I take my benefits?

Your deferred pension can be paid from age 55 but will be reduced for early payment. The earliest date your unreduced benefits can be paid is shown on your forecast shown on the My Pension Online service. The only exception is where you opted out and continue to work in the same employment where your pension can only be paid once you leave that employment. If you left the Scheme after 31 March 2015, your Normal Pension Age is linked to the State Pension Age which is set by the UK Government and therefore may change in the future.

You can check your Normal Pension Age by looking up your current State Pension Age at www.gov.uk/calculate-state-pension.


Stan is 64 when he decides to retire and take his benefits. His normal pension age is age 65.

His benefits are:

Pension = £4,000 a year

Lump sum = £11,500

As he is retiring 1 year early his benefits are reduced.


The benefits he will actually be paid are:

Pension = £3,784 a year (a 5.4% reduction)

Lump sum = £11,235 (a 2.3% reduction)

Taking your benefits late

You can choose to take your deferred benefits after your Normal Pension Age but you must take them before you are 75.

If you take your benefits after your Normal Pension Age, your benefits are increased because they are starting later than expected.

Can I take a lump sum?

When you take your pension, you can choose to swap some of it for a tax-free lump sum. Find out more in the cash lump sum section.


Can I take my benefits early due to ill health?

It may be possible to take your deferred benefits at any age on the grounds of ill health. But this must be approved through the Fund, and you will not be awarded any enhancement.

However, before determining whether to agree to a request we must obtain a certificate from an independent registered medical practitioner qualified in occupational health medicine as to whether in their opinion you are permanently incapable of discharging efficiently the duties of your relevant employment because of ill-health or infirmity of mind or body and, if so, whether that condition is likely to prevent you from obtaining gainful employment (whether in local government or otherwise) before reaching your normal retirement age.

If you think payment of deferred benefits on the grounds of ill health could apply to you please contact us.


Will My Pension Increase? 

Your deferred benefits will be reviewed each year and kept in line with the cost of living, until they start to be paid.

Once it starts to be paid your pension will continue to be kept in line with the cost of living and we will also contact you each April with details of any changes. You can see the Pension Increase which is confirmed in March each year.



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