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ENGAGE is a regular publication, providing an insight in to our approach to ESG and responsible investment activities.
Our CEO explains the background to ENGAGE and LPF's commitment to ESG:

At LPF, we take a holistic view in aligning our sustainable investing beliefs towards our investment activities. There’s a clear recognition that each of the three factors: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) play an important role in driving the long-term value of the Fund’s investment portfolio.

We believe that as a provider of responsible capital, LPF should be an agent for positive change, engaging with the companies to help them maintain or adopt best business practices and sustainable business models.”

ENGAGE provides our members, employers and stakeholders with an understanding of our approach and insight in to just some of the Fund’s investment activities and how this forms part of our longer-term strategy.
LPF Engage Issue 7 - Winter 2023
LPF Engage Issue 6 - Spring 2023
LPF Engage Issue 5 - Spring 2022
LPF Engage Issue 4 - Autumn 2021
LPF Engage Issue 3 - Spring 2021
LPF Engage Issue 2 - Autumn 2020
LPF Engage Issue 1 - Spring 2020
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