Issue 6 of ENGAGE out now

15 Feb 23

2022 was a challenging year for many investors, buffeted by geopolitical events and macroeconomics. This issue looks at what made the investment markets move and how LPF’s continued approach ensures good risk adjusted returns in difficult conditions.   


Our Chief Investment Officer Bruce Miller, says: 


“LPF’s long term, responsible investment approach enabled us to navigate these stormy waters. Our deliberate bias to low volatility and value equities outperformed, while our skilled in-house investment team were able to seek out opportunities during market dislocations. 


“While past performance is no guide to the future, we continue this approach to responsible investment which is informed by our investment beliefs, policies, and priorities, together with regulations and statutory guidance, detailed in our Statement of Investment Principles and Statement of Responsible Investment Principles.” 



In Issue 6, we review cases where environmental, and governance considerations have impacted our investment decision-making, and how one of our property portfolios, Neptune Park, became an award-winning environmental initiative.


Gillian de Candole, Portfolio and Responsible Investment Lead also covers misconceptions about responsible investment and some of the ways LPF demonstrates its approach:  


“We believe progress can be achieved on ESG issues through collaboration with other investors and organisations and we take an active role in industry responsible investment issues and collaborations. 


“While much of this activity is focused on climate change, in particular, pushing for improved transparency of corporate carbon emissions and transition plans, as well as advocating for more ambitious targets and policy implementation by governments, we recently joined a new initiative called Advance, which is focused on addressing egregious human rights and social issues.” 


You can read issue 6 of ENGAGE here.

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