Bruce Miller, CIO, receives lifetime achievement award

20 Oct 23

We’re delighted that Bruce Miller, LPF’s Chief Investment Officer, received the lifetime achievement award at yesterday’s LGC Investment Seminar. It couldn’t be more deserved.

Bruce joined Lothian Pension Fund in 2006 and has contributed hugely to its continuing success over the years. He’s also been instrumental in developing the collaborative relationships with Falkirk, Fife and other partners, not to mention his invaluable long-term involvement with the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board.

Back then, Lothian had less than £3bn in assets with a small in-house team and assets predominantly managed externally.

Today, Lothian has not only grown to a 20-strong internal investment team with around £10bn in assets, but has also developed an FCA-registered entity, LPFI. Most of Lothian Pension Fund’s assets are now managed in-house, including global and regional equity portfolios, fixed income, property and a £1.5bn exposure to infrastructure.

Under Bruce’s tenure as CIO, Lothian has evolved into one of the leading LGPS in the UK, generating peer-leading risk-adjusted returns at industry-leading costs for Lothian and its clients.

Stewart Piotrowicz, Portfolio Manager says: “For someone to have so much respect, so consistently, from everyone he works with speaks volumes. I am delighted that Bruce’s hard work and dedication is being recognised in this way.”

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